Tuesday, November 29, 2005

King Kong Two Disc Collector's Edition

“King Kong” features a classic love story: Ape meets girl. Ape loses girl. Ape gets girl back, climbs to the top of the tallest building in the world, and is killed by biplanes. In the end, though, we feel sorry for the big lug.

I think I’m safe in assuming you know the basic story of this one. If you don’t, you will after Peter Jackson’s remake comes out in December. So let’s get into the details of this DVD release.

Warner Bros. sent me the “King Kong” Collector’s Edition tin set, which includes the same two DVDs found in the cardboard-bound Collector’s Edition. While casual fans will be happy with the latter, die-hard Kong-ites will want the former, which also features a reproduction of the program from the premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theater on March 24, 1933, as well as five 4 x 6 reproductions of different classic “King Kong” posters and a coupon for a 27 x 40-inch reproduction of the original movie poster. It’s a really nice set that showcases the love and attention Warner Bros. has been paying to its classic films lately.

Read more about the King Kong Classic DVD.

Buy the King Kong Collector's Edition.

4 Minutes of King Kong

It seems that NBC showed 4 minutes of the King Kong movie!!

Didn't know that... 4 minutes is a lot! When did they do that, I have no idea, but I'm pretty sure it was not an advertisement, because they don't usually last that long. Anyway, what is done is done, and what you missed, well..you missed it, but thanks to the Internet you can watch the 4 minutes of King Kong Movie.

Well the link is to an italian page, but it shouldn't be hard to find out where the meat is ;)

Few days left for the King Kong movie. And every day it keeps getting more interesting. I really have to hold back from playing the game.

Dave Grohl as Satan in King Kong?

According to Contactmusic.com, King Kong star Jack Black, wanted Dave Grohl (Nirvana's drummer and Foo Fighters vocalist) to appear on the King Kong movie playing the part of... Satan!! Yes, Satan will appear in the movie... although Black didn't reveal the nature of the part.

"I asked him to be in King Kong. We wanted him to play the devil but he was too busy" says Jack Black. "He doesn't have a major part-but he is a big influence" adds

"I don't believe in the devil but I've always liked him as a character, kind of like Darth Vader. Satan pretty much invented rock"

Thinking about that... it may be true..

More King Kong Movie Information!

According to advance reports, Peter Jackson's upcoming remake of King Kong will be nearly three hours long and cost over $200 million, which seems like a lot of time and money to squander on a movie about a mad monkey. But done right—the way writer/producer/director Merian C. Cooper and his partner Ernest B. Schoedsack did it in 1933—Kong's well worth it. The image of a giant gorilla swatting at airplanes with one hand while clutching a pretty girl with the other has become so ingrained into the popular culture that even people who've never seen King Kong think they know what the movie's about. They're usually wrong. Yes, a monster runs amok in King Kong, but only at the climax of a multi-faceted, subtly poetic study of vanity.

The long-awaited double-disc King Kong DVD focuses more on the spectacle than the subtext, which is fine, given that the movie itself leans heavy on scenes of Kong kicking ass. Disc two's three-and-a-half-hours worth of documentaries cover the life of showman-adventurer Cooper, as well the groundbreaking effects work that went into bringing Kong to life. The chief draw is a Jackson-supervised reconstruction of a lost sequence where men fall into a giant "spider-pit" and are eaten by creepy-crawlies. It should thrill those who look to King Kong as the precursor to the modern special effects extravaganza, though the featurettes also point out that effects artist Willis O'Brien made Kong into a character, not some hyper-realistic zoo attraction. As for the Cooper hagiography, it's way overdone, especially when the commentators talk about how Cooper and his other partner John Ford liked to make uplifting movies in which "reality doesn't intrude," and then show a clip from Ford's harrowing The Searchers as an example.

The best tidbit in all the DVD set's special features is a mention that Cooper based King Kong's story on an anecdote about an entrepreneur who imported Komodo Dragons for public display, only to find that the change in climate and the grasping hands of tourists did the creatures in. King Kong is in part a cutting piece of self-criticism, with Robert Armstrong starring as a version of Cooper: a fearless entertainment impresario arrogantly convinced that he can bend nature to his will. On the other end of the same spectrum lies Kong, an enormous beast who commands the fear and respect of every living creature on his island, but can't withstand mere civilization.

Betwixt Armstrong and Kong, there's Fay Wray, as an aspiring actress who signs on to Armstrong's theatrical adventure looking to become a star, and ends up becoming the nearly naked love object of a wild animal. (Would real stardom have been much different?) It's a weird love triangle, and a commentary on how arrogance and desire makes animals of us all. It's a portrait that takes a big canvas.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Big Preparations for King Kong Premiere at New Zealand

That's a big title for a post...

December 14 is the day that King Kong will be released all over the world. And just like the Lord of the Rings premiere, the King Kong premiere on New Zealand is going to be huge.

If you happen to be in New Zealand by that time, the Embassy Theater in Central Wellington is "The place".

According to Stuff.co.nz:

Preparations for a crowd of thousands need to be made, roads will be closed and an enormous red carpet will run along Courtenay Place from Allen St to the theatre. Entertainment will begin at 3.30pm.

Roads in the area will be closed to most vehicles from 11pm on Tuesday December 13. Courtenay Place (from Tory St to Cambridge Tce), Cambridge Tce (from Tennyson St to Wakefield St), Kent Tce (from Wakefield St to Elizabeth St), Allen St and Blair St will be closed.

Limited access will be allowed on to Allen St and Blair St, as well as a single lane on Kent Tce through to Majoribanks St till the Wednesday morning. There will be no parking in the closed-off area till the roads re-open at 4am on the Thursday.

Mayor Kerry Prendergast said: "It's a privilege to host another red carpet event for Peter Jackson. (He) is a hometown hero and we consider this a hometown film because so much filming was done locally."

Stars Adrien Brody and Naomi Watts will attend the premiere.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

International King Kong Poster Released

UIP released the German Poster for Peter Jacksons "King Kong". This poster is the best poster so far, we can see how big the Kong is in comparison to a human. Really big! He looks so mad... They shouldn't have messed with his girl!

Check it out just by clicking on the image!

Can't wait to see the movie. I mean, I could be living it right now by playing my King Kong game but that would spoil the fun wouldn't it?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

King Kong for Xbox

Recently I bought King Kong for Xbox, I didn’t know what to expect since I saw no screenshots of the King Kong Game. It all started with the opening sequence taken from the movie. And then the game directly begins when you are in the boat ready to go to an island. This game from the start is really awesome!

I’ve only played like for about 2 minutes since I have not much time left besides work for now, but the experience was truly engaging. For the first 20 minutes I absolutely recommend the King Kong Game for Xbox.

When you wake up from the boat crash, you see Naomi Watts face talking to you. I really believed that was a pre rendered cut scene, but as you discover, it is the power of the Xbox mastered. What I like about this game also is that you start with no crosshair. Sure, you can turn it on within the menu, but it takes some of the experience I’m sure Peter Jackson wanted us to have.

It all looks very beautiful in this game, and the open surroundings gives us a great sense of a vast island. It is truly like if you were inside the movie. And this is only the King Kong Game on the Xbox, imagine how it would look in the Xbox 360. Can’t Wait!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

King Kong to be released also on 3D

If you see the movie and you really like it, and you really want to be inside it. Guess what? Did you read the title? ... Anyway. King Kong is in production to be released also on 3D.!

Apparently the guys mking the movie are really going to make everything King Kong related really big.

I've got to say that it brings me some fears, because of the hype an all of that. But I just came from seeing the Corpse Bride, and they showed the King Kong trailer. It looked so good on a big screen! Just imagine it with the 3D glasses. By the way, this information comes from Hollywood Reporter that says that 3D post-production house In-Three is currently working on the film.

Monday, November 07, 2005

King Kong Toys

King Kong has inspired a lot of people in this planet. Since the 30's version, King Kong became part of the popular culture not only through the King Kong movies, but also through other things like games, costumes, books and toys. So, it's no surprise that with this movie a whole new generation of King Kong toys will be out on the market.

So, this time King Kong is not alone, increasing the line-up of King Kong toys, will be other
"friends" like the T-Rex (of course), the Wetasaur, and the Raptor among others. You may be asking yourself: Who is responsible of bringing us these King Kong toys? And I answer: Playmates.

These are action figures, King Kong toys with articulations. You can see them in "King Kong toys on toymania.com", but I should warn you, they reveal some new characters from the movie. So, if you want to be fully surprised when you go to the cinema, you better not see the link. :P.

Anyway, we're sure to see more on this King Kong fever, I'm sure there will be out there not only King Kong toys action figures, but statues, busts, props and everything you can imagine as well.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Full King Kong Trailer

The full trailer for Peter Jackson’s King Kong has just gone live at the Apple site, and it is something else. You’ll need the latest version of QuickTime/iTunes in order to download it, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Most of the segment takes place on Skull Island, Kong’s home base, but the final 15 seconds or so skip across to the great ape’s home away from home, the Manhattan Island of the 1930s. It breaks your heart already, and the movie doesn’t come out for another month.

Click Here To Get Full King Kong 2005 Trailer

King Kong 2005 Monster Fight!!

Hey, you thought King Kong had to fight a T-Rex?? Well guess what: You're WRONG. The King Kong 2005 movie features a fight between the Kong and THREE T-Rex!!! Now we know why this fighting scene lasts so long!!.

The King Kong 2005 fight takes place on the jungle, where leading actress Naomi Watts is chased by this predators and then gets surrounded. She is giving up, but just then, King Kong arrives, and is his job to get Miss Watts safe from thos T-Rex. All these scenes looks so real, as you can see on the King Kong Poster. the expressions, movements... Keep in mind that Kong is played by Andy Serkis, the same actor that played Gollum on "Lord of the Rings"

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Some Info on King Kong movie film status

This info, comes form the man himself: Peter Jackson.
  • King Kong character appearance has been changed. It's no more like the Kong we saw on the first King Kong trailer. Now it looks older and more battered.
  • The running time of the movie, which is 3hours aprox. Is due to the focus on the story in special on the relationship between King Kong and Ann, who is played by actress Naomi Watts.
  • The big fight, between King Kong and the T-Rex is 9 minutes long. And it is going to be spectacular!
  • Howard Shore was replaced, sad, but he "didn't click" :P
There some more bits of info, you can check them all out at Empire:Movie News.

Ubisoft and King Kong Game Launch

As you know, EA will no longer be making the King Kong game. The King Kong game now is in charge of the guys at Ubisoft. And Ubisoft has announced that they will host a variety of Launch Events for the Kig Kong Game in Los Angeles and New York City, featuring 11 interactive gaming kiosks in an environment that looks like a Skull-Island!! It's a good reason for any King Kong fan to visit those cities, specially if you are a video game player too!

In case you don't know the game will be released before the movie, on November 22nd. The highlight of the event will be the release of the Xbox 360 verion on a really big screen. That is because the Xbox 360 gives birth to the new generation of gaming consoles. And iti is going to be released that same day.

Ubisoft will be hosting the Kong-sized events in Los Angeles at Universal City Walk, November 12 from 5-10 p.m. and in New York City at Union Square Park November 17 from 5-10 p.m.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

King Kong Poster is released!

The official poster for King Kong has been released. The official one-sheet teaser according to the people at Universal, whose plan is to have four different versions af the poster for the movie.

This poster is pure King Kong attitude. As you can see below it pictures the big bad kong, with an angry expression on his face. Just look at the textures, the eyes, the hair. Doesn't it look real to you? It sure does to me! We'll have to wait for the release of the next three, maybe featuring some action or composition. this is all part of the marketing of the movie. And I love it! You can click the pic to enlarge.

King Kong Trailer: An Inside Look

Apple has released a new clip / king kong trailer from the new King Kong movie on their site. It is almost 3 minutes long, and what's better, it has interviews and amazing new footage. You see those special effects and you can do nothing but stare and wonder what they can't do with these kind of quality. But as Peter Jackson says:
"The fact that I'm making it now is like a dream come true. Kong is escapism, it's incredible spectacle, it's amazing special effects, but at it's soul it's a story of relationships and love and empathizing for this huge beast."
That's what I like about Peter Jackson, he always give the story the priority and considers it the reason why a movie is good or bad, unlike many "big budget directors" in Hollywood.

You must see this king kong trailer, so if you don't have Quicktime 7, start downloading it, and prepare to watch: King Kong: An Inside Look.