Tuesday, November 15, 2005

King Kong for Xbox

Recently I bought King Kong for Xbox, I didn’t know what to expect since I saw no screenshots of the King Kong Game. It all started with the opening sequence taken from the movie. And then the game directly begins when you are in the boat ready to go to an island. This game from the start is really awesome!

I’ve only played like for about 2 minutes since I have not much time left besides work for now, but the experience was truly engaging. For the first 20 minutes I absolutely recommend the King Kong Game for Xbox.

When you wake up from the boat crash, you see Naomi Watts face talking to you. I really believed that was a pre rendered cut scene, but as you discover, it is the power of the Xbox mastered. What I like about this game also is that you start with no crosshair. Sure, you can turn it on within the menu, but it takes some of the experience I’m sure Peter Jackson wanted us to have.

It all looks very beautiful in this game, and the open surroundings gives us a great sense of a vast island. It is truly like if you were inside the movie. And this is only the King Kong Game on the Xbox, imagine how it would look in the Xbox 360. Can’t Wait!


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