Monday, November 07, 2005

King Kong Toys

King Kong has inspired a lot of people in this planet. Since the 30's version, King Kong became part of the popular culture not only through the King Kong movies, but also through other things like games, costumes, books and toys. So, it's no surprise that with this movie a whole new generation of King Kong toys will be out on the market.

So, this time King Kong is not alone, increasing the line-up of King Kong toys, will be other
"friends" like the T-Rex (of course), the Wetasaur, and the Raptor among others. You may be asking yourself: Who is responsible of bringing us these King Kong toys? And I answer: Playmates.

These are action figures, King Kong toys with articulations. You can see them in "King Kong toys on", but I should warn you, they reveal some new characters from the movie. So, if you want to be fully surprised when you go to the cinema, you better not see the link. :P.

Anyway, we're sure to see more on this King Kong fever, I'm sure there will be out there not only King Kong toys action figures, but statues, busts, props and everything you can imagine as well.


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