Monday, October 31, 2005

King Kong game goes Gold!

The King Kong game based on the upcoming movie has gone gold. This King Kong game was at first supposed to be made by Electronic Arts, but Peter Jackson ditched EA. Apparently he didn't like the LOTR games they made, and now the King Kong game is in hand of Ubisoft, known for the great quality of their games. I was checking the screenshots for the King Kong game, and I have to say it looks awesome!!! These new consoles are going to rule! it is also good to see the director is involved in the making of the game. King Kong is such a huge character (not only in size) and it deserves to do well.

Peter Jackson has to pay a BIG fine

Today I was reading the news and found this: Jackson pays monsters fine for taking King Kong over budget.

I heard about the movie going over 3 hours. But aparently it went over budget too. Can't wait to see the movie. Being a big fan of King Kong a 3 hour movie is like a gift to me. It is good also to know that the big heads at Universal are respecting his work. A director must be given trust and creativity freedom. If not we are doomed to more Alien vs Predator sequels!!!!

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