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Yes, this exists in the twisted mind of someone, nope it's not me. Check out the summary, and the link at the end of the post.

┬┐Can you imagine Grace Kelly, Jacques Cousteau and zoologist Dian Fossey trying to rescue some documents from the sunken Titanic, with the help of King Kong?

In a suitcase in the basement of his house, Philip Davis finds some documents concerning his grandfather, which make mention of an invention which could revolutionize the industrialized world. The plans for its fabrication had been personally taken by his grandfather from England to New York in 1912, aboard the transatlantic liner the Titanic, but the sinking of the great ship caused the irrevocable loss of these extremely valuable papers.

Many years later, in 1972, Philip decides to undertake the unlikely adventure of rescuing those documents, which he thinks are safely hidden in one of the strong boxes of the sunken ship. After unsuccessfully trying to obtain collaboration from

various official points, he becomes friendly with a woman of an inquisitive nature named Dian Fossey, apparently a renouned zoologist expert in mountain gorillas.

They both become enthused about the invention, and she lets him know that the only way to rescue the papers is by bringing the ship to the surface, but that in order to do this, they need the help of a gigantic gorilla that lives hidden away in a remote island of the Bahamas.

Subsequently an expert sea captain named Jaques Cousteau, world renouned for his studies of submarine life, becomes involved in the heroic project. Cousteau has at his disposal the ship Calipso, an old mine dredger duly refurbished as a vessel for the submarine investigation. A computer expert charged with the task of communicating with the great gorilla by means of a sophisticated voice-recognition device, joins the others, followed by a photographer who in turn is a specialist in ship motors.

Before making the trip to the Bahamas, they stop off in the Principality of Monaco, where they obtain the valuable help of Princess Grace Kelly and her husband Rainiero, as both are great friends of Cousteau and Fossey.

The trip by sea to that tiny island is complicated due to the strong marine currents which put the Calipso to the test; but the worst part of the trip is the encounter with a band of ruthless modern pirates who try to kill them and take over the ship. Our friends also have to brave other no less serious trials, such as the attack by the 'flying birds' described by Christopher Columbus on his trip to the Americas, as well as the challenge of facing the Sea of the Sargazos, which proved a mortal trap for the boat.

When they arrive on the island several days later, they are totally amazed by the sight of that gigantic gorilla, which they must then communicate with in order to ask for his help. But this would not be the most serious problem for them to resolve, since taking the Titanic from the sea bottom and finally rescuing the precious documents, would put the courage and strength of our protagonists to the test.

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