Wednesday, November 02, 2005

King Kong Trailer: An Inside Look

Apple has released a new clip / king kong trailer from the new King Kong movie on their site. It is almost 3 minutes long, and what's better, it has interviews and amazing new footage. You see those special effects and you can do nothing but stare and wonder what they can't do with these kind of quality. But as Peter Jackson says:
"The fact that I'm making it now is like a dream come true. Kong is escapism, it's incredible spectacle, it's amazing special effects, but at it's soul it's a story of relationships and love and empathizing for this huge beast."
That's what I like about Peter Jackson, he always give the story the priority and considers it the reason why a movie is good or bad, unlike many "big budget directors" in Hollywood.

You must see this king kong trailer, so if you don't have Quicktime 7, start downloading it, and prepare to watch: King Kong: An Inside Look.


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