Sunday, April 30, 2006

King Kong, and Others to be Released in 3D

According to this Reuters report, James Cameron Cameron wants the "movie industry to offer films in digital 3D to counteract declining sales and rampant piracy." Makes sense to me. I've always enjoyed going to the movies, but with gas prices on the rise and all of my other expenses, I just rent the movie later on since it's cheaper. Perhaps, bringing 3D to the movies on a regular basis would give consumers more of a reason to go, since you can't view 3D movies on the Web or on a PMP.

So which movie does Cameron have on his mind to rerelease as 3D? The ever-popular Titanic, of course, my favorite movie of all time. Meanwhile, Peter Jackson is considering a 3D rerelease of King Kong and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. And for those Star Wars obsessed fans, you'll be happy to know that George Lucas plans to rerelease the original Star Wars in 3D.

Keep your fingers crossed movie-goers. 3d is coming!!!


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