Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Little Bit of the Original King Kong History

During the years following the Stock Market Crack in 1929, two documentary makers accustomed to the wild and exotic places joined forces to film the Edgar Wallace's story about a giant gorilla living in a lost island in Indonesia.

They choose Fay Wray as the film's leading actress, by that time, Wray was just starting to get noticed as an "scream queen" actress in the 30's Hollywood. This lovely redhead gave life to Ann Darrow, the love victim of the misterious king Kong, a giant gorilla.

This first King Kong, animated frame by frame, with a precise architecture work, was the most spectacular work of specialist William O'Brien, father of this animation system. They needed not only to animate King Kong, but also the animals that lived in the island: triceratops, T-Rex, giant snakes and ancient birds in a dense jungle mixed with live actors. And it worked.

King Kong was a huge success after its premiere, Fay Wray stayed as the mythic image of the innocence in the wild. And the Empire States building could never be looked again the same way.


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